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Frequently Asked Questions

SnapsPH’s cancellation policy varies depending on the type of booking. For Non-Instant Bookings, clients can cancel without penalty before the booking is confirmed by the Snapper. After confirmation, penalties apply if canceled within a specific time frame (e.g., 48 hours) before the service date. For Instant Bookings, clients may cancel without a penalty within a brief window after confirmation, but a fee applies thereafter. Cancellations made on or after the scheduled date are considered a breach of agreement, with potential full-service fees for clients and severe penalties for Snappers.

Refer to Section 4 of the Terms and Conditions for detailed information on cancellation terms.

All bookings on SnapsPH, including Non-Instant and Instant Bookings, require full payment upon confirmation. Accepted payment methods include Maya, Visa, Mastercard, WeChat, QRPh, American Express, and JCB, processed securely via the Maya payment gateway. A platform fee and payment gateway fee are applied to transactions. Snappers are responsible for incorporating any applicable taxes into their pricing.

For a comprehensive overview of payment terms, see Section 5 in the Terms and Conditions.

To book a service on SnapsPH, clients select the service and Snapper, choose the date and time, pick a package and any add-ons, apply coupons if available, enter personal details, and then make the payment. Clients are responsible for the accuracy of details provided. Bookings not confirmed within 48 hours are automatically canceled. Instant bookings made within 48 hours of the event are subject to Snapper discretion.

Detailed steps and conditions can be found in Section 4 under ‘Booking Process on SnapsPH’.

Payment Release: If the client has no issues with the service provided, we aim to release your payment as early as 24 hours following the booking date. To facilitate a smooth transaction, please ensure that your payment information is up-to-date on your dashboard.

In Case of Issues: Should any concerns arise from the client regarding the service, SnapsPH will temporarily hold the payment. This measure is in place to allow time for a successful mediation between you (the snapper) and the client. The payment will be released once both parties reach a satisfactory resolution.

For further assistance or questions regarding payment processes, feel free to contact our support team.

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