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Music Video Production and Editing Services

Are you an artist looking to bring your music to life with stunning visuals? Look no further! As a professional videographer and editor, I specialize in creating captivating music videos that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand. Here’s what I offer:

Services Offered

1. Pre-Production Planning
Concept Development: Collaborate with you to create a unique and engaging concept that aligns with your vision and music style.
Scriptwriting: Develop a detailed script or storyboard to ensure a seamless shoot.

2. Professional Videography
High-Quality Filming: Utilize top-of-the-line cameras, lighting, and equipment to capture high-definition footage.
Cinematography: Implement creative camera techniques and dynamic shots to enhance the visual storytelling of your music video.
Direction: Provide expert direction to ensure every scene is executed flawlessly.

3. Post-Production Excellence
Video Editing: Seamlessly edit your footage to create a cohesive and engaging music video that keeps viewers hooked.
Color Grading: Enhance the visual appeal with professional color correction and grading to match the desired mood and tone.
Special Effects: Add visually stunning effects and graphics to make your video stand out.
Sound Syncing: Ensure perfect synchronization between the audio track and the video, maintaining high-quality sound.

4. Additional Services
Behind-the-Scenes Footage: Capture and edit behind-the-scenes content to share with your fans and provide an insider look at the making of your music video.
Social Media Clips: Create short, engaging clips optimized for social media platforms to promote your music video.
Revisions: Offer a set number of revisions to ensure the final product meets your expectations and vision.



  • Run and Gun

    Basic Package that includes a 1 man team with minimal pre-production setup. (no revisions included)

    ₱ 9,600
  • 2 Man Crew

    Mid Tier Package the includes 2 videographers and minimal bts photos from the shoot. (3 revisions)

    ₱ 24,000
  • Full Squad

    Full Squad Package includes a 3-4 man team. Inclusive of 2 Videographers, 1 BTS Photographer, and Drone Footage(6 revisions)

    ₱ 36,000
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