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Born in Film partners with SnapsPH in Supporting World PhotoWalk Philippines 2024

Born in Film partners with SnapsPH in Supporting World PhotoWalk Philippines 2024

Manila, Philippines – April 16, 2024 – SnapsPH, in partnership with Born in Films, is thrilled to invite professional photographers, hobbyists, and photography enthusiasts to participate in one of the biggest photography events of the year, World PhotoWalk Philippines 2024. This event is not just a celebration of photography but also a powerful platform to promote the historical and cultural richness of Intramuros, enhance tourism, and create positive social impacts within the local community.

A New Chapter in Photography and Tourism
Join us as we launch World PhotoWalk’s debut in the Philippines, where tourism and photography converge in a spectacular display of culture and history. Throughout the week, participants will enjoy a series of carefully designed challenges and engaging activities that promise not only to enhance your photography skills but also to deepen your appreciation of Intramuros’ enduring charm.

Experience Intramuros Like Never Before
Explore the rich tapestry of Intramuros’ past and present as you capture its stunning landscapes, colonial architecture, and vibrant street scenes. From the sunlit corners of its oldest ruins to the shadowy outlines of its night-time allure, this Photowalk offers unique opportunities to view and document one of Manila’s most treasured sites.

Photography with a Purpose
World PhotoWalk Philippines 2024 is more than just an event; it’s a movement towards highlighting the importance of cultural preservation through the lens of local and international photographers. By participating, you are contributing to a broader effort to boost tourism and support community-driven initiatives aimed at sustaining the cultural vitality of Intramuros.

Join Us for a Memorable Journey
We invite photographers of all skill levels to partake in this immersive experience. Whether you are capturing the golden hour or embracing the mystique of the nocturnal cityscape, Intramuros provides a perfect backdrop for both budding and experienced photographers to create and share their visions.

Mark your calendars for April 20th and 27th 2024, and be part of this historic event. For registration details, event schedules, and more information, please visit

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