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Typical Wedding Photography Packages in the Philippines: Choosing the Right One

Typical Wedding Photography Packages in the Philippines: Choosing the Right One

Congratulations on your engagement! Planning a wedding in the Philippines can be a whirlwind of decisions, from selecting the venue to choosing the perfect attire. But let’s not forget one of the most essential elements: capturing your special day through photography and videography. Understanding typical wedding photography packages in the Philippines can help you make the best choice to preserve your memories. In this guide, we’ll explore typical wedding photography packages, explain common terms like ‘SDE’, and offer tips for selecting the right package for your wedding.

Exploring Typical Wedding Photography Packages: What to Expect

Typical wedding photography packages in the Philippines can vary widely in terms of content, coverage, and cost. Here are the common types you might encounter:

  1. Basic Packages: These usually include 6-8 hours of coverage by one photographer. You’ll typically receive a set number of edited photos and possibly a few prints. This option is great for smaller, more intimate weddings where you want to capture the key moments without a significant investment.
  2. Standard Packages: Stepping up from the basic, standard packages often feature 8-12 hours of coverage, which can cover everything from preparation to the reception. They usually come with one or two photographers, more edited photos, and sometimes an album or a USB stick with images. This package is ideal for most traditional weddings, ensuring no special moment goes unnoticed.
  3. Premium Packages: For couples who want the ultimate wedding day coverage, premium packages offer multi-day coverage, multiple photographers, and special additions like engagement shoot, special prints, and a luxury album. These are perfect for large-scale weddings or those that include multiple events, such as rehearsal dinners or post-wedding celebrations.

Key Terminologies in Wedding Photography:

To make an informed decision, it’s helpful to understand some key terms:

  • SDE (Same Day Edit): This is a popular feature in modern weddings where a short video highlight of the wedding preparation and ceremony is edited on the day itself and shown during the reception. It’s a wonderful way to relive the day’s events and share a professionally edited video with guests who might have missed earlier parts of the day.
  • Photo/Video Package: This is a combined service offered by photographers and videographers. It usually includes both photographs and a video of your wedding day, providing a complete visual memory package. Combining services often results in a better price compared to booking them separately.
  • Raw Footage: This term refers to all the unedited video and images captured during your wedding. Some couples request this to have a personal archive of everything captured during their wedding day, even if it’s not all perfectly edited.
  • Engagement Shoot: Also known as a pre-nuptial shoot, this is a photo session with your photographer before the wedding, often used to create images for invitations, save-the-date cards, or to simply get comfortable with the photographer.

Choosing the Right Package for Your Wedding:

  1. Evaluate Your Needs: Think about the size of your wedding and what moments you want to capture. A larger wedding might require more comprehensive coverage with multiple photographers or videographers.
  2. Consider Your Budget: Wedding photography can be a significant expense, so it’s important to consider how much of your total budget you can allocate to it. Don’t be afraid to discuss your budget with potential photographers—they can often customize a package to suit your needs.
  3. Check Portfolios: Look at the work of various photographers and videographers to see whose style resonates most with you. This can also help you understand the quality of work you can expect for your own wedding.
  4. Read Reviews: What have other couples said about their experience with the photographer? Positive reviews can give you confidence, while any negative feedback can be a red flag.
  5. Ask About Extras: Some packages might include special extras like an online gallery or a slideshow. Make sure you understand what’s included and what might be an additional cost.

To sum everything up:

Choosing the right wedding photography package in the Philippines involves understanding what is included in typical packages, knowing the terminology used, and considering what features are important to you and your partner. With careful planning and a bit of research into typical wedding photography packages, you’ll find the perfect photographer to capture the magic of your wedding day in the Philippines. Remember, these photos and videos will be your keepsakes for a lifetime, so choose wisely and ensure your wedding memories are preserved in the best way possible.

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