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Creating and Managing Coupons

  • To add a new coupon, click on the ‘Coupon’ button.
    • Enter a ‘Coupon code’ which users will input to receive the discount.
    • Write a ‘Coupon Description’ to detail the offer for your customers.
    • Choose the ‘Discount type’ (percentage or fixed amount) and set the ‘Coupon amount’.
    • Specify the ‘Coupon expiry date’ to determine until when the coupon can be used.
  • Under ‘Usage restrictions’, set conditions such as:
    • ‘Minimum spend’ required to use the coupon.
    • ‘Maximum spend’ that the coupon can apply to.
    • Restrict the coupon to specific products or services by searching for a listing.
    • If you wish, limit coupon usage to certain emails by entering them in the ‘Allowed emails’ field.
  • In the ‘Usage limits’ section:
    • Define the ‘Usage limit per coupon’ to control how many times the coupon can be used in total.
    • Set the ‘Usage limit per user’ to limit how many times an individual user can use the coupon.
  • Review all settings, then click ‘Submit Coupon’ to activate the coupon. The coupon will now be available for clients to use based on the parameters you’ve set. Remember to monitor the coupon usage to measure the impact on your bookings and promotions.

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